Let’s Groove, Baby! is arranged into courses by age, starting with the littlest babies and going through pre-school aged kids.  All of these classes are “Mommy and Me” style classes where we all interact with music together, learning lullabies, favorite children’s songs, creating our own songs, and learning children’s music from around the world.  Courses run 6 sessions, an hour per session.  Each child that is registered receives a baby-safe percussion instrument to use in class and to keep at the end, a CD of the music that we learn, and a songbook of all of the tunes that we learn so that mom and dad can continue the journey once the course is over!

Groovy Newbies:  This class is geared towards the 0-14 month old babies and their parents.  We focus on the multi-sensory elements of dancing to music with our babies, the dexterity of holding and shaking maracas, and soothing our babies with our voices.

Groovy Twosies:  This class is geared toward older babies mostly between 12-32 months. We learn rhythms and melodies, participating through singing, percussion and dance.

Groovy Toddlers:  This class is open to all pre-school age children.  In this this class we learn about the different sounds instruments make, and it is taught in a hands-on way for the children to explore how to get sounds out on our diverse collection of instruments.  Singing, dancing, group music games with traditional music and dance make up this action packed class!

Groovy Mamas and Papas:  This course is designed for the parents that want to have some basic skills to learn children’s songs to sing and play with their children.  The only thing better than listening to someone sing to you is if that person is mommy or daddy!

Have an older child showing interest in music and instruments?  Learn about private and small group instruction at my Lessons page!

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Interested in hosting a Let’s Groove course at your house?  Get some of your playdates and mom friends together to book a course and your classes are free!  Contact me for more information at or at 248-761-3020.