Think Global, Play Local!

At Let’s Groove, Baby! our philosophy is that the earlier children are exposed to the rhythms, scales and languages of the world, the more they will come to understand and appreciate them.  Learning to love and participate in the music and traditions of other cultures makes us better citizens of the world.  In the three courses offered, babies and toddlers listen to and learn lullabies and children’s songs from cultures all over the world.  Older babies and toddlers have a chance to play instruments from our diverse collection with our hands-on courses!

With our motto, “Think Global, Play Local,” we take music from all over the world and bringing it right into our communities.  Creating a musical community takes more than just a few instruments and listening to music each week.  Our goal is to get groups of kids and parents that know each other or that live in the same neighborhood to join together each week to create and experience music and dance together.   If you’re interested in bringing a Let’s Groove to your neighborhood, we can create a course specifically for you.  For parents that are interested in hosting a Let’s Groove course, you receive your tuition free!

All of the participants in the Let’s Groove classes receive a percussion instrument to use in the classes and to take home, a CD of the music that we learn in the classes, and a songbook to continue making music together at home.

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Think Global, Play Local!


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