Our Philosophy

Think Global, Play Local!

Everybody is born to make music.  Every culture on record has cultivated musical traditions.  Babies are so in tune with rhythm from the time that they first hear mommy’s heartbeat, so let’s continue to nurture that connection to rhythm!  It wasn’t until the last century that people started to think of themselves as “non musicians,” leaving the playing of instruments and singing up to professionals.  Before every house had an entertainment center, most homes had a family piano or parlor guitar with a songbook, and families would gather to play and sing songs to entertain themselves.

Music is a life-long companion, beginning as something to soothe a tired baby to sleep, encourage a child to learn parts of the body, or as a stress relief for teenage angst.  Having music be a part of your child’s life and expression of self begins from birth.  One of the best ways to foster your child’s inner musician is to make music with them!  The only thing better than listening to music with mommy is to have mommy singing with you 🙂

Music forms community, and communities form music.  Learning and listening to music from around the world gives us an appreciation of the art forms themselves, and also of the people that produce it.  Learning to appreciate other cultures and people make us better citizens of the world.  Through our music courses for babies and toddlers, we start that appreciation and enjoyment right from the beginning!  By encouraging families to start to play music with their child, during play dates, and during holidays and family visits, you start to blur the line between “musician” and “non-musician.”  Music just becomes part of the fabric of life and character, something to build confidence and cognition as well as dexterity.

Fostering a musical bond between child and parent will last a lifetime, and give parents as well as kids the confidence to create and immerse themselves in music.  For older kids (6+), we offer private music lessons as well as small group instruction on guitar, ukulele and mandolin.  See our Lessons page for more information!


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